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I have to admit I am more cautious when it comes to buying contemporary artwork. So cautious in fact that I do not own any, well that all changed after I came across Ananta's website. Being that cityscape's are my favorite subject matter I immediately fell in love with such paintings as Imposing Impression, Burrabazar in Kolkata, and Juma Masjid just to name a few. Ananta's unique style, confident brushstroke, and ability to provide great detail without providing a photograph has made me a devoted art follower of this great artist. I am now the owner of Imposing Impression, Burrabazar in Kolkata and Steam Engine and have the pleasure of enjoying them everyday as I walk through my home. Not only is Ananta a great artist he is a great person, I wish you the very best as you pursue your destiny at being the best artist you can be. 

- Arthur Benton, Florida, USA

Ananta is one of the most talented contemporary artists. He effortlessly captures the essence of the subject matter. In his paintings, he can capture cityscapes, seascapes, railways and skylines with a stunning vision of light and shadow making them into enjoyable and unique works of art.

- Carmen Guedez, USA

You are a very positive person with a modern outlook towards art and teaching of art. I am happy that I had the opportunity to attend one of your workshop in Delhi, where I could have a first hand experience in the way you create your art. I learnt a lot and carried a good experience and wonderful memories of the workshop. I like your impressionistic approach towards watercolour. You have a personal style which is both vibrant as well as relaxed and thoughtful at the same time. 
I wish you loads of success in all your future endeavours. May you leave an indellible mark in the world of watercolour painting.

- Laishram Jenny, Almora, India

Ananta and me was in same stem at Govt. College of Art and Craft, Kolkata. He was two years junior then me in college. As in college I didn't notice too much on his work, but it was after three years when I met Ananta personally and get to know about his work and him as well. Mainly his sense about water colour which impress me lot, as I know him personally so saying that people of art world know Ananta as a cool and calm person but I must say that he is very fresh dynamic and a bold energetic person and sensitive on his work, which we can see through his paintings, he is exactly lik this.
I am sure that Ananta will reach as a great artist in future and will fulfill art world. Wish you all the very best for your future. May god bless you.

- Indranil Aich, Kolkata

You are an amazing artist!! Hats off to your pre-planning of the watercolor painting. It will take me years and years together to start thinking that ways. I'm an admirer of all his watercolor paintings... May God bless you with whole lot of name and fame in the Indian Art!!

- Aprajita Lal, Bangalore.

Watercolor material allows a lot, but does not make mistakes! You have to allow her to go to the paper itself, but to direct, I love watercolor! I graduated from college of art this year in the Republic of Moldova on the profile design, so I'm curious to talk with you.

- Olga Odainic, Moldova

You are a rock star! Your work speaks volumes! I hope and pray that you accomplish all your dreams. Each piece of work is a master piece and the greatest of all belongs to me! Thanks to you for creating something so amazing for me! Request you to at least post the photograph of that painting on your website. God bless you!

- Sulagna Chakravarty, New Delhi

Nice works! Every stroke of your brush makes impression. Canvas gets its life. Works like Vermilioned lady (Devi, Sindur Khela) , wet evening of cities.. cars.. lights.. reflections (Kolkata-II).. these are WOW!!  You are really great dynamic artist. Proud of you. Wish your path you walk on be bright. All the very best!

- Supriya Pramanik, Bangalore, India

Ananta Mandal, you are really ahead of your time like Ray, doing a first class job in such a tender age is praiseworthy. The website is really outstanding from every page with its qualitative design, the whole thing here starting from looks, paintings and interactive areas are brilliant. I call him a maestro of Young Indian Watercolor Painting and real human being which is hard to find these days. Really appreciable!!

- Puja Chatterjee, Kolkata

It feels amazing to share some words regarding an artist like you, its always a great feeling to see your creations which gives us always new vibes new vision and chance to explore about art through your creations, the effects that particularly you apply on your paintings makes you unique and different from contemporary artists, ,its always great to see your paintings as new thoughts new effects and your inner sparks always encourage people and junior like us, hope to see you on the top and wish to get more new creations from you ,its lovely to see you with new thoughts through your creations thank you, have a great life and long way to go.

- Dona Basu, Kolkata, India

I first saw your artwork at (late) Mr Ramani's residence. It was the Steam Engine. I was absolutely blow over. I am a huge fan of your water colour works. Carry on with you good work. Keep on the good work. Loved the way you captured Mumbai, Kolkata and the desert. Some day I'll love to have an artwork of yours in my living space.

- Suvajit Mustafi, India

I went to your website and delighted in looking over the work that has kept your mind occupied and joyous over time. I really enjoy your work specially watercolor. I am so glad you have followed your dreams and your spirit and have chosen to share them with the world. Ananta, You are a true artist. Keep going. All the best.

- Nazmul Ahsan, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ananta's paintings especially the water colour paintings fascinate me. He exhibits confidence in his paintings. The strokes are quite bold and the colours rarely harden. That's his mastery. I also appreciate his colour mix. It's till now going great. I wish to see more paintings and get fascinated. God bless you dear.

- Arnab Chakraborty, Mumbai, India


- Diptendu Saha, Kolkata

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