How to buy Ananta Mandal's Paintings

How to buy Ananta Mandal painting?

* Well.. you are in this page, that you are keen to buy Ananta Mandal paintings.

* So let us begin to know the basic few steps for how to buy paintings from Artist Ananta Mandal Official Website.

* To begin please visit the Artwork page of the website.

* Here you can see the artist's work on different subjects like Kolkata Paintings, Mumbai Paintings and more. Inside there you will be able to note all the details by clicking any painting's thumbnail. Meanwhile enjoy the painting in bigger size.

* Please note the details below the full size painting image such as Painting Title | Medium | Size (inches) | Year of Execution | and whether the painting is Available or Sold.

* To know the price of your chosen art piece please drop your Price inquiry at Ananta Mandal Contact page. You can also e-mail at or Call / WhatsApp +91- 996 793 9008.

* Please be sure to mention the Title, Medium and Size of the artwork in your message.

* Ananta Mandal himself will get back to you as early as possible.

* Now for Shipping procedure we Ship Painting rolled form (unframed) in hard tube container or framed in wooden box packaging. Please let us know how you want the art piece, framed or unframed.

* We deliver artwork worldwide with reputed courier services in safe and secure way. Shipping charges is extra which depends on your location.

* Ready to courier Painting packaging, please allow us 2-3 working days to ship in India and 5-6 working days to ship internationally outside India.

* After confirmation it is generally requested to please make a Payment of 50% of the Painting price as the order confirming amount.

* Congratulations! The original piece of artwork is yours now and we will be glad to know your worthy feedback about how much you love it!

* Still looking for something different Art piece? Ananta Mandal also does commissioned work for you depending on your requirement of any Subject in any Size and Medium. After confirmation before starting the Artwork generally 50% of the painting price is requested as a confirming amount. All commissions are welcome.

If you have any queries, suggestion or feedback regarding 'How to buy Ananta Mandal Paintings' please feel free to contact the Artist at - or use the Contact page.