The Times of India, 26 March 2011, Mumbai

The Times of India, 26 March 2011, Mumbai


The crowd, the speed and architecture of this dream city inspires me

Ananta Mandal’s paintings capture the essence of Mumbai, Finds Sanaya Chavda.

Mumbai, The city of dreams, has inspired many an artists and writers, and continues to be an ecer-evolving subject for their works. Twenty seven year old artist Ananta Mandal is one such, who loves the city and is currently exhibiting his collection of paintings- watercolors on paper and acrylic in canvas- that capture the bustling city through his eyes. “after my graduation, I shifted to Mumbai in 2007 from Kolkata. I loved the people, the sea, the architecture, the beauty and the crowd – that all make Mumbai. The city whose heart never stops to miss a beat. Its pulse never stops,” says Ananta who put together this collection with the help of art curator Bina Aziz. Simply titled Mumbai, he has captured adss the artist who has previously done a collection on Kolkata as well. This is his ninth solo exhibition, and the young talent has more ideas bursting through his mind. He says that anything that has force or anything bold inspires him to paint. Just like the crowd the speed, and the architecture of this ‘Dream City’. The city offers a cosmopolitan and diverse lifestyle, entertainment and nightlife. It’s probably the only city in the world where so closely merge” explains the artist who has painted every moment that makes this city unique. Ananta says each painting that portrays the energy and pulse of the city thorough vibrant colors and strokes, is special in itself. As for his future plans, the artist is planning his next exhibit in Delhi but is still contemplating his theme.

Ananta Mandal’s works can be viewed at Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Worli till March 28.