Mail Today, 16 Dec. 2012, Chandigarh

Mail Today, 16 Dec. 2012, Chandigarh


Delineating the moods of nature

Creating a misty effect on his canvas, artist Ananta Mandal elevates the beauty of everyday life through his powerful yet romantic strokes.

AnantaMandal’s youthful exuberance and his wide-eyed optimism reflect in his paintings. He has a fine sense of composition with an eye for sbtle details and a tactile sense of monsoon atmospherics. Usuing bright and sensuous colors, he has displayed some of his paintings at IFM’s  Art portfolio gallery in sector 9, Chandigarh. A graduate from college of Arts & Craft, Calcutta University,  Ananta lives and works in Mumbai from past few years. His watery strokes come from many things such as the hustle and bustle  of modern city life, lush forest, tropical beaches and moods of nature. The interplay of light and shade produce a chiaroscuro effect in his cityscapes while the line and hues have been wonderfully blended to cath the rhythm of city life in a transparent treatment.

“ I di oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings but I prefer th latter as it takes less time to complete. I can make 10 water color paintings in the time that one oil canvas takes to complete, “My exhibition cum-sale in the city beautiful is themed ‘the journey’ and I have tried to give something different to my spectators by giving different textures along with a theatrical treatment to my subject “added to the artist who has 40 prestigious awards to his credit. Ananta is not rigid about pricing his frames and believes in negotiating according to the resources and likes of his clients.

When asked about holding an exhibition in Chandigarh, he said, “people here are increasingly getting aware f art. They understand it better now and thus, I dedicated to showcase my work here. My paintings are highly individualistic and represent contemporary form. In a modern city like chandigarh, I expect visitors to appreciate my sensibilities,” he said while wrapping up.