Hindustan Times, 2 June,2007, Mumbai

Hindustan Times, 2 June,2007, Mumbai



Love and longing for a city

Artist: AnantaMandal

Venue: The Museum Gallery, till June 3, 11am-7pm

Rating: ****

FAR FROM Kolkata, which nurtured delicate sensibilities, love and longing for the city takes unbearable proportions. Certain memories refuse to die, stoked time and again by their depictions on the canvas.

Anantamandal’s brush-strokes capturing vignettes of the city and life along the Ganges usher in a strong wave of nostalgia.

The city wears a different look inn each of the four major seasons and however difficult life gets in the monsoons – waterlogging, traffic jams and an unending litany of woes – it still inspires poetry.

A morning in laidback Kolkata is about piping hot tea, daily dose of news, grumbling about the poor quality of life and hopelessly falling in love with it yet again while preparing for the daily grind.

It’s both mundane and divine, but Mandal chooses divinity for the sheer magic of it.

That same magic translates into beautiful images in watercolor , bringing mandal both national and International renown.

-Pratik Ghosh